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We are Backstage Event Marketing - the marketing team that’s going to get
butts in your seats and boots through your doors.

We help you achieve your audience goals so you can focus on growing your business.

At Backstage Event Marketing, we want to help sell tickets to your events. We work together with you and your staff because you know your unique qualities and we know how to promote your strengths to rise above the crowded market.

Together we can identify your goals and develop proven event marketing strategies that work for you plus your staff, talent, ticket buyers, – and budget. 

There’s no smoke and mirrors – just hard work, loads of experience, and brain power on both sides of the house.

The event marketing strategy we develop for you is customized to your needs and those of your diehard fans and “on the fence” future fans. Our efforts enhance the experiences your ticket buyers expect because with us – you can concentrate on the job at hand. We work for you to get your customers through your doors. Once in, they’re all yours.  

In addition, we let you know what we’re working on and the results by communicating, tracking, and reporting.

When we both do our jobs well, your patrons win. When your patrons win – they recommend you to their friends, become loyal to you, and your venue and shows.


We are based in West Texas (Midland/Odessa) and Wichita, KS. For events in either city we can provide you with in person support. For events outside of those markets we can travel. 

Our Processes

Business Goals
Pain Points
Desired Audience

Step 1 - Think

Step 2 - Create

Step 3 - Verify



Meet The Team

Ginny Van Doren - Truong

Ginny Van Doren-Truong has 15+ years of experience with 800+ shows in marketing for the live entertainment industry on both sides of the house – venue and promoter. The venues she worked at ranged from 1,800 to 15,000 seats, promoting hundreds of events a year. As a dedicated team member, Ginny often helped usher in some of the most profitable years experienced by the venue. She regularly coaches others in the ways of marketing live events. Since 2019 she has contracted out to independent promoters providing social media management and marketing strategy in addition to working full time as the Director of Marketing for a performing arts center. Using first hand experience, she has developed tools and a contractor network to make marketing live events and getting “butts in seats” easier.

A few things I beleive

A few things I beleive

The universe won't task you with things you aren't equipped to handle.

Jan Bush

Jan Bush is a business and marketing consultant who sees the big picture and splits it into manageable parts to reach desired results for her clients. In 1982 she started her company offering computer support to small businesses using a DOS (Disk-based Operating System) computer for their marketing and research needs. The company quickly grew into a marketing support company doing jobs the big guns didn't want to do. For example she wrote and produced newsletters to a nation-wide employee base, managed a staff that researched and sampled products on site throughout the state, and helped regional malls plan and produce annual meetings for their retail customers. After over 14 years as a business owner, she decided to work for the Federal Government where she spent the next 20-years in marketing and public relations. Knowing she would have to teach her leadership and marketing staff about interactive websites and social media, at the age of 57 she went back to school and earned a Master of Science degree in Interactive Communications (social media). 

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