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If you are wondering….What is event marketing and how can it work for you to connect the right fan base to the right event, for increase ticket sales and memorable experiential events that result in repeat customers, returning talent, and staff pride?

You have come to the right place! Backstage Event Marketing is a women owned and operated event marketing agency that focuses on just that - connecting you to the right fan for your event and training you along the way! 

Whether you need help right now, need to train someone to handle marketing for you, or you yourself need training - we got you covered!

Our Why

"You can’t sneak into town and expect a sold out show if you didn’t do any advertising.” 

Our mission is to provide full and part-time marketing support services to promoters of live events by meeting and exceeding ticket sales goals - to pack the house.

Why Are Ticket  Sales a Big 'ol Goose Egg?

Does it feel like everyone is living under a rock because they have not heard about your show and you are seeing big goose eggs (0 sales) on your daily ticket reports? It may be time to switch up your event marketing strategy - that’s where we come in to help! 

We have been there, from competing against yourself by having so many shows a month you are not sure there’s enough people in your town to buy that many tickets to being the suburb venue to a major metropolitan city. With over a decade of experience in venue event marketing from 1,800 seats to 13,000 seats we have put together proven marketing strategies to stand out in a crowded market and a crowded advertising feed. 

Heck, we want to help you out so bad that we are giving you our Event Marketing Checklist for FREE!

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Over the past 38 years, I have worked with numerous marketing individuals. I can say without any hesitation that Ginny is one of the best at her craft.
A strategically poignant planner and executioner. 

- Bryan Blaum, FMSquared Co-Owner & Operator and General Manager of Stafford Centre 

What Makes Us Different

We Do Details

Ginny has been called a human calendar many times, having a knack for remembering names, faces, and dates. 

We're Personal

Paying close attention to the details of the event, such as the timing of activities, the layout of the venue, and the accuracy of marketing materials, we will help to create a seamless experience for attendees and maximize the event's impact.

We Are Experienced

Work with an seasoned marketing agency that specializes in driving ticket sales for live events with decades of experience and the know-how of marketing live events marketing over 1,000+ events.


Let's work together, yeah yeah yeah!

We are able to provide 2 full time marketing agency service packages and up to 4 marketing live event packages a month. If you are looking for help in selling tickets to your next event - let’s talk! 

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