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Take Your Mom to Work Day

November 5, 2023

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By: Jan Bush

One of the great joys of growing old includes watching your children become responsible (and kind) adults. Embedded in that joy are the times when my daughter, Ginny, takes me to work with her. If you work in the live event marketing business like Ginny, ample opportunities exist to take your mom to work. (Keep that in mind when seeking a gift to give your parents.)

October 2, 2014, Take Mom to Work, Day

The thrill of this workday went beyond my wildest dreams. On this day Ginny and I traveled to Lubbock, Texas to help her mentor, Mother Barbara Hubbard. Mother Hubbard produced the Lubbock leg of Paul McCartney’s Out There tour!

PHOTO: Barbara Hubbard and me before the show.

For me, a dream came true! I grew up on The Beatles. I can sing along to all the songs on “One,” the album compilation of their number-one hits. (FYI, I did not sing along with Paul that night – and that took pure discipline.)

PHOTO: Ginny and me backstage before the show.

In addition to helping Mother Hubbard on the day of the event, Ginny also helped her with the media liaison aspects of the event.

A Magical Day

Obviously, for me the whole day was magical. The music rocked, the talent exploded on stage, and Paul’s stories warmed my soul. The songs also brought back memories of my youth. Good times.

This was the best photo that I took of Paul. I believe I need lessons.
The laser light show was spectacular.

You meet some of the most interesting people at concerts.

In addition to the talent and great playlist, the fans can be quite entertaining. Like many people, I’m a people watcher. It’s fun to watch people’s playfulness, wardrobe styles, and “dance in place” moves at concerts. 

Paul’s concert delivered on all three. So much so that I had to take photos of three of his dedicated fans. (They granted me permission.)

“My only tattoo!”

Paul McCartney fans who had Paul sign their forearms.

These two women,  Beth and Brittany, were fun fans to watch the entire show. Very animated and dedicated. When I approached the stage snapping photos of Paul, I talked to them. 

They each had a sign asking Paul to sign Beth’s body for her “only tattoo.” This caught Paul’s attention (along with their large personalities). He called them up on stage. These women’s happiness spread out into the crowd. You could feel it. 

He signed both women’s forearms.

After the show, we ran into them as they were in their car leaving. I snapped their photo then. At some point, Beth and I exchanged Instagram handles and messaged each other afterward. As promised, Beth had Paul’s signature tattooed onto her arm.

You can find Beth Ferrara on Instagram and see the photos from the Paul Tattoo on her October 2, 2021, post (“Pauliversary”). She’s also an artist who specializes in portraits of Paul.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

If my memory is correct, this young fan was 14 at the time of the McCartney concert. She sat behind us with her mother. What a pleasure to be around her during the concert. I also enjoyed talking with her and her mother. The young woman made her band uniform. I’m still impressed. It had beautiful details throughout the design.

PHOTO: Young fan in a Sgt. Peppers band uniform.

Expanding the Thrill

Imagine my surprise to discover that Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band had scheduled a concert at the Moody Theatre in Austin, Texas just six days later! Obviously, I had to go. This time it was my treat, and – what a treat it was.

Ringo and his All Starr Band was just as entertaining although on a much smaller scale.
Ginny and I posing at the Austin City Limits photo booth.

Always Good Times

Ginny and I always seem to have a good time when she takes me to work. I admit that October of 2014 was the BEST of times. I really cannot say a dream came true as in my wildest dreams – I never thought I would see any of the Beatles in a live concert – let alone Two Beatles!

Ginny and me at Paul McCartney’s Take Your Mom to Work Day.

I encourage you to take your Mom to Work for the day. It’s brought us closer by adding wonderful, shared experiences that last a lifetime.

Thank you, Ginny.

~~Momma Bush

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